How it works

Enter 4-digit PIN Code

Open your MySmartKey app on your phone using a 4-digit PIN code.


Go to the MySmartKey-linked account you want to log into (email, purchase confirmation, sign in to online banking, etc.).

My Account


Instant Notification

MySmartKey notifies you of the login request. You have the option to tap “Approve” or “Deny”.


If you tap “Approve”, you are logged in straight away: simple, seamless, yet very secure.

LOGIN Approved


The MySmartKey app provides unique identification, different every time, available all the time. Available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms, the MySmartKey app is your unique key and forms part of your identity when it is linked to a partner account.

Vierfire Software Ltd has two enterprise-ready products and a consumer-focused application that offer strong, two factor authentication to any organisation that needs to authenticate its users at the point of login to online systems.

Secure Login

Authentication for VPNs, websites or online portals

Secure Access

Controlled user access to PCs or thin clients on your network

SmartSafe Vault

Create a super-secure folder to store files or photos - on your hard drive, network or in the cloud


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